There’s a New REIA in Town!

Hi, my name is Becky Fields, and I am the president of the newest Real Estate Investors Association (REIA) in Houston. We are the only REIA in Houston that is a chapter of the National REIA. There are many benefits an investor has with our group that is found nowhere else.

Many of you will remember the previous chapter in Houston, called the RICH Club. That was a great organization which had a deep impact on many investors in Houston. And today we heard from one of those, Tom Pike, who was 23 years old when his parents drug him to RICH club meetings in the early 1980’s. We are glad to pick up the task of educating local investors and providing a forum for them to share information with each other and hear from experts from Texas and the nation.

We have been meeting for several months, starting with a core group of volunteers. Many of you have met James Haney and Pat Risinger, co-hosts on the Massive Passive Show airing at 9-10 am on AM 1070 radio each Saturday morning. Their hard work in letting people know what’s going on led to monthly growth from 25 in December, 40 in January, and 95 last Saturday.

It was a great meeting, with Ray Sasser moderating a panel with Steve Dancer, Tom Pike, Chuy Terrazas, and AG Gupt. From the front row, where this vertically challenged girl always like to sit, I could feel the energy in the room. Glancing back at attentive faces throughout the whole program, it seemed everyone was getting lots of value from the panel. A good number of people were taking copious notes. It was so good, in fact, our tip-of-the-month provider had something pop up and Ray decided to begin the panel early. Most everyone was there at the end of time and the crowd granted permission to go over about 15 minutes.

For my first meeting, I couldn’t think of a better outcome. Thanks especially to James and Pat for setting us up for success.

The big hairy audacious goal (BHAG) of our Noname REIA is to build our membership to over 1000. Around here, this is affectionately called “talking like the RICH Club.” If you’re reading this, I believe you are on the ground floor of something big. Like, Texas-size. It will take a team of dedicated staff and volunteers to grow and offer the best value for our membership, and be the best in the State of Texas, and maybe the United States.

Now I have something you can help us out with. One of our first and biggest tasks. Anything as big as what we’re dreaming about deserves a great name. We have adopted one of the most lame names you can imagine.

Please help! Go to our Facebook page and give your suggestions. One month’s free membership if you’re the first to suggest the name we come up with. Choosing a name is pretty important. Here are some principles we are following:

  • Allow for Growth
  • Purposeful
  • Works from Inside and Outside Our Organization
  • Impactful
  • Uniquely Houston / Uniquely Texan
  • Have Staying Power
  • Adaptable to Mobile Apps
  • Easy to Find in Internet Searches
  • Chosen Out of Dozens of Serious Options
  • Well Researched

Regular Meetings

We meet the second Saturday of every month, 8:30am-12:00pm. Keep an eye on the website for the location because WE WILL OUTGROW OUR SPACE!

Come, grow with us!

On March 12, we have Tom Berry coming to talk about growing your rental portfolio and finding good tenants. Tom is a legend in Houston real estate circles. This will be a great meeting, for sure.

Finally, meetings are free for everybody right now, but that will change soon. Come while the gettin’s good!